Board and CEO Services

Board and CEO Services

Boards and CEOs have distinctive needs for executive search and leadership consulting services. Meeting those needs is a strength and key focus for Stanton Chase. We are called upon daily to advise on the assessment and selection of top corporate leaders around the world.

The Leadership Challenge
The challenges facing Boards and CEOs are escalating. Stakeholders are increasing their expectations for successful results even as resource, market and financial uncertainty continue. Boards and CEOs are dealing with the challenges of globalization, risk management, regulatory scrutiny and shareholder activism.

Boards and CEOs today are seeking leaders to drive transformation and success, with true strength in strategy and multicultural sensitivity.

What Makes a Board and CEO Search Different?
Helping Boards and CEOs find these leaders requires the highest level of consulting experience and ability.

Why Stanton Chase for Board and CEO Services?
Stanton Chase has a depth of experience around the world helping Boards and CEOs meet their leadership needs. Our excellence in this area is based on:

Our Senior Consultants are Business Leaders
Our global partners possess deep personal experience in corporate leadership. As a result, we understand Boards and CEOs and are highly sensitive to the issues and pressures you face. We bring an intimate understanding of the ethics, sensitivity and discretion required. We also understand the drivers of success in today’s dynamic and complex global economy.

Our Best Practices Process
Our approach allows us to respond with a deep, rapid competency to Board and CEO needs.

These elements deliver an effective and comprehensive approach to Board and CEO services.

Stanton Chase delivers Board and CEO services within many industries. Whether you are a startup company seeking a new CEO, a mid-market firm looking to expand your Board, or a Fortune 500 company working on your succession plan, we stand by to partner with you.

To find a consultant to help you with your Board or CEO needs, contact the Stanton Chase office closest to you.