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Asia leads expansion of already exploding commercial transport demand despite declining budgets, altering defense postures create new list of priorities and spenders
24. April, 2014.
Article by: D. Mathew Griswold, April 24, 2014

The Stanton Chase International Aerospace & Defense Global Sector Team is pleased to provide you with Quarterly Market News and Views of our industry. We hope you will find these articles both informative and timely. Our Spring 2014 view is below and focuses on how the commercial and defense sectors of the industry continue to shift as global politics evolve and economies reshape. Please,. Read more

New area of activity in Düsseldorf - “Sports Management”
14. April, 2014.
Article by: Heidrun Freitag, April 14, 2014

Doing searches in the world of sport since several time, we now decided to offer to the market our strong connection with SQ sports, which is experienced in placing and advising athletes. Together with SQ sports, Stanton Chase Sport Management now offers in Germany high professional and experienced executive search for a lot of sport practices (e.g. Football / Soccer, Ice Hockey etc.). There has. Read more

National Sales Survey 2012
17. March, 2014.
Article by: Annita Pakioufaki, March 17, 2014

According to the first survey conducted in May 2012 by Stanton Chase Bucharest the conclusions that arose sawed that the profile of the Sales Executive has diversified considerably, reflecting the general turmoil in the professional and social arena. This ‘Sales Survey’ analyzes and presents the market trends and composes the new profile of the Romanian Sales Executives. More than 210 senior. Read more

“Transforming the UAE into an unrivalled global hub”:
World CEO Investment Conference Panel Discussion chaired by Panos Manolopoulos, Global Vice Chairman of Stanton Chase International
Dubai, 4 March, 2014.
Article by: Panos Manolopoulos, March 10, 2014

Transforming the UAE into an unrivalled global hub and focusing on how to further develop the country into a regional and global platform for growth, was the main topic of the panel discussion chaired by Panos Manolopoulos, Global Vice Chairman of Stanton Chase International, during the World CEO Investment Conference, held in Dubai on March 4, 2014.  The panel, including Dr Khalid Al Rajhi,. Read more

The Copenhagen Office proudly presents
the highly successful Women's Board Award
Article by: Janne Moltke-Leth, March 10, 2014

For the past several months SCI Copenhagen have been working on a mission: We want to create a constructive diversity debate. We want women board members with chairman potential to step forward - and more women on boards. The mission was successfully launched  at a major event on February 21, 2014 where the first winner of Women’s Board Award was announced. Stanton Chase International is. Read more

Stanton Chase and Pi Slice collaborate
to increase funding for MENA’s micro finance institutions
26 February, 2014.
Article by: Panos Manolopoulos, March 5, 2014

Stanton Chase Middle East is proud to announce its partnership with Pi Slice, as part of the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities and its continuous commitment to dynamically contribute in the development of the MENA region and the improvement of the life of its people.  As part of the partnership, Stanton Chase and Pi Slice have launched a ‘lending page’ to encourage. Read more

Executive Newswire 6
Stanton Chase Belgrade, February 2014.
Article by: Milos Tucakovic, February 26, 2014

Dear readers, Here we are in the new business year. I am sure that enthusiasm is present as well as the wish of all of us for better business results and bigger challenges, and not just surviving in business. We are continuing where we stopped. Our idea is still to promote business of primarily domestic companies and successful businessmen and businesswomen that are everyday proving themselves. Read more

Half a million manufacturing jobs back to USA since 2010
24 February 2014.
Article by: Panos Manolopoulos, February 24, 2014

The European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) held a Consultative Commission on Industrial Change (CCMI) in Bergamo Italy in February. Stanton Chase International´s Vice President of EMEA Mr Mikael Stelander was invited to share the outcome of the Stanton Chase Industrial study. According to the Stanton Chase study 35% of survey respondent CEO´s say that “there is a reshoring. Read more

CEO Survey 2013
Our Opportunities and Choices
13 February 2014.
Article by: Milos Tucakovic, February 13, 2014

In line with the last year’s trend to search for the solutions together, this year we decided to continue in a more concrete manner, by grouping questions around certain sectors which we considered the most important for our economy, namely Consumer Products, Agriculture, Industry, Information Technologies and Banking. We asked the questions which we found significant for those industries and. Read more

“Leadership Challenges in a Changing World”
highlighted by Panos Manolopoulos, Global Vice Chairman of Stanton Chase International at Kuwait University
Dubai, 23 January 2014.
Article by: Panos Manolopoulos, January 24, 2014

“Leadership Challenges in a Changing World” and the “Strategic Transformation of Human Resources Management” were the two topics on which Panos Manolopoulos, Global Vice Chairman of Stanton Chase International and Managing Partner, Middle East, focused during the Distinguished Speaker Series Program hosted on January 21st 2014, by the College of Business Administration, Kuwait. Read more

Russian CEOs Cautiously Optimistic About Future Growth, Study Says
Moscow, Russia, 13 December 2013.
Article by: Pavel Ishanov, January 17, 2014

Chief Executive Officers from Russian companies are generally upbeat about the current state of Russia's economy, but a large proportion have only moderate expectations for its future development prospects, a study conducted by executive search firm Stanton Chase International found. Over 85 percent of the survey's participants assessed 2013 as successful, but their forecasts for the next year. Read more

Challenges for Career Management
Strategie & Management Magazine
Zurich, Switzerland, October 2013.
Article by: Dieter Hagmann, December 17, 2013

The rapidly changing market environment for industrial companies is also presenting new challenges for career management. What does that mean for the recruitment of managers and engineers in an executive position? What important skills do they have to offer in order to take Swiss industry forward at global and local level? Dieter Hagmann The industry sector has undergone rapid development over. Read more

Global Industrial Leadership Survey Released
Stanton Chase Posts White Paper of Survey Results
London, England, November 27, 2013.
Article by: Mickey Matthews, November 27, 2013

Stanton Chase International is making all of the findings of its survey of global industrial leaders available to the international business community. The complete White Paper, entitled 2013 Global Industrial Executive Survey: Leadership Strategies for Accelerating Growth, is now available for download on the Stanton Chase website. “We are pleased to share the full results of our survey,”. Read more

Industrial Sector Facing Leadership Shortage
Survey confirms gaps in key leadership areas
London, England, November 22, 2013.
Article by: Mickey Matthews, November 22, 2013

The industrial sector around the world is facing a significant leadership shortage. This finding was announced in a paper released this week by Stanton Chase International. It is one of the key findings from a survey of more than 450 senior industrial sector executives carried out over the past summer.   “More than 70% of respondents identified a global leadership shortage as a primary. Read more

The Real Diversity Challenge: Stay ahead of your competition
By Karine Becker, Global Diversity Lead, Stanton Chase International
November 22, 2013
Article by: Karine Becker, November 22, 2013

There is growing evidence that diversity should be much more to your company than an abstract interest in equity or opportunity. Business globalization and changes in society around the world have resulted in an environment in which the firm that does not address issues of diversity is putting much more at risk than its reputation with women or minorities. Today, the non-diverse firm is probably. Read more

Re-shoring Trend Identified in Global Industrial Sector
Over a Third of Survey Respondents Report New Re-shoring Trend
London, England, November 19, 2013.
Article by: Mickey Matthews, November 19, 2013

Re-shoring is emerging as new strategic option for many companies in the global industrial sector. This finding was announced in an article released  this week by Stanton Chase International. It is one of the key findings from a survey of more than 450 senior industrial sector executives carried out over the past summer.   “Though off-shoring of manufacturing is still occurring, the. Read more

Major India Executive Search Firm Joins Stanton Chase International
Addition of CHC enriches service to both Indian corporations and multinationals
London, England, November 18, 2013
Article by: Panos Manolopoulos, November 19, 2013

Stanton Chase is pleased to announce that Chairman’s High Circle (CHC) group of executive search offices in India has joined the Stanton Chase International (SCI) partnership. This move significantly enriches the service coverage within India for SCI’s multinational clients. It will also provide CHC’s India offices with access to SCI’s worldwide network which will enhance CHC’s. Read more

Stanton Chase International Receives Award as ‘Best Run Company’
November 18, 2013
Article by: H. Edward (Ted) Muendel, November 19, 2013

The Baltimore/Washington office of Stanton Chase International, a retained executive search firm, was recently honored as one of the “Best Run Companies” in the Mid-Atlantic region. The award was presented by the “SmartCEO 100” organization, which honors leading executives and firms for having “exceptional vision, character and performance. The awards program is sponsored by. Read more

Athletes on the Field and in the Boardroom
Conquering the Competition
November 13, 2013
Article by: Mickey Matthews, November 19, 2013

BlueSteps chats with Mickey Matthews, Vice Chairman - Practice Groups at Stanton Chase International, who was recently published in 101 Great Ways to Compete in Today’s Job Market with more than 30 other successful executives who share their advice and tips on how to compete in today’s job market. First of all, can you share with us a bit about the work you do at Stanton Chase. Read more

Global industrial sector focusing on organic growth
Survey shows industry investing in new products, markets and technology over acquisitions
London, England, October 3, 2013
Article by: Mickey Matthews, November 8, 2013

The global industrial sector is changing its approach to growth, shifting away from growth through acquisition, and towards a more organic growth model. This finding was announced in a paper released today by Stanton Chase International. It is one of the key findings from a survey of more than 450 senior industrial sector executives carried out over the past summer.   “Though growth. Read more

Switzerland’s leading financial newspaper writes about Stanton Chase Industrial Executive Survey and discusses the re-shoring trend.
Switzerland, October 23, 2013
Article by: Dieter Hagmann, November 1, 2013

The recently published Stanton Chase International Executive Survey has been picked up by Switzerland’s leading financial newspaper “Finanz und Wirtschaft” (Finance and Economy). The article covers the re-shoring trend and discusses with Dieter Hagmann, Partner Stanton Chase Zurich, its potential for Europe and Switzerland. The article reveals that not only the costs but rather quality. Read more

Stanton Chase Connects with Russian Business
Global meetings look at BRIC, digital technology and key sectors through Russian lens
London, England, November 1, 2013
Article by: Panos Manolopoulos, October 31, 2013

Stanton Chase International established significant new connections with Russia’s business community at its 47th global partner meeting held in Moscow October 9 - 13. Russian business leaders from a range of industries and sectors shared their insights and perspectives on business with 70 Stanton Chase Partners from 34 countries around the world. Meetings also discussed new strategic directions. Read more

Industrial Executive Survey Discovers Leadership Deficit and Re-shoring Trend
London, England, September 20, 2013

Stanton Chase International has today released highlights from a survey of senior global industrial sector executives. The survey suggests that the global industrial sector is undergoing resurgence despite ongoing financial and economic uncertainty and intense global competition. More than just optimism, the survey also reveals several new strategic directions for global industrial firms as well as some significant challenges.
Read more

Nomination of Karine Becker to the Role of Global Diversity Lead for Stanton Chase International
Brussels, EMEA, September 19, 2013

For businesses, and in the current context of globalization, diversity and gender balance is a priority in their recruitment policies. Stanton Chase International, one of the 10 largest executive search firms in the world, just appointed Karine Becker to the role of Global Diversity Lead.
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Stanton Chase's Global Technology Practice Grows 27%
Article by Tom Goorman, Global Practice Leader - Technology
Brussels, EMEA, August 28, 2013

Technology as a segment of economy is often the first sector impacted by an economic downturn. However, it is also often the first sector of business, which revives, announcing a more prosperous economic climate. The growth of the technology practice with 27% for the first half of 2013 in comparison to the same period for 2012 is stimulating, yet to be put in perspective.
Read more

Aerospace and Defense Industry Faces the Best, and Worst of Times
Atlanta, U.S.A., June 28, 2013

Over the past three years, Aerospace & Defense executives have girded themselves for catastrophe: economic freefall, social turmoil fueling security unrest, declining government budgets and a thirst for air transportation that flies in the face of the volatile global environment.
Read more

Ivo A. Hahn: "HR Cost-Rise Will Boost Productivity"
Hong Kong, China, May 27, 2013

“Rising cost of people” and the continuing “war for talent” are currently the two biggest concerns of the Swiss business community in China, as a recent study conducted by SwissCham China brought to light. What are the impact areas? How can companies respond? And, will this trend continue? The Bridge talked to HR professional and head hunter Ivo A. Hahn, Stanton Chase’s CEO for Greater China, who has been at the forefront of top talent sourcing in Asia for more than 30 years, to address the community’s concerns.
Read more

Socially Networked Yet? Old Dog, New Tricks
Hong Kong, China, May 27, 2013

“Social networking is the great new wave – ride it or risk losing out big time,” says Ivo Hahn, CEO of Stanton Chase International, Hong Kong, speaking of the increasing impact of social networks on the global job market.
Read more

Wayne Mason - Manging Director Financial Services and Insurance
Singapore, Republic of Singapore, May 14, 2013

Stanton Chase Singapore and Greater China reach groundbreaking agreement to cover regional Financial Services and Insurance (FSI) practice from Hong Kong.
Read more

Turkish firms employees 'attract each other' more
Istanbul, Turkey, May 7, 2013

As one of the most rapidly growing countries, Turkey is attracting talented native professionals amid the increasing tendency of Turkish companies to employ native professionals, a prominent executive search consultant says.
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Carlos Sezões, Stanton Chase Portugal, awarded with the prize "HR Consultant of the Year"
Lisbon, Portugal, April 29, 2013

Carlos Sezões, Partner at Stanton Chase International Lisbon office, was distinguished as HR Consultant of the Year in Portugal – in the context of 2013 HR Prizes, organized by RH Magazine (top human capital management magazine) with the objective of to recognize and honor the professionals who have distinguished themselves in the different fields of Human Capital Management.
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Stanton Chase Enhances International Search Service
London, England, April 18, 2013

Stanton Chase International focused on strategic enhancements to its international search and leadership services at its 46th Global Partners’ Meetings held in Istanbul, April 4 – 7.  Approximately 70  Stanton Chase Partners from around the world attended the Istanbul meetings.  Numerous business and industry leaders from Turkey and Europe also attended, continuing the Stanton Chase practice of working closely with industry leaders to understand their needs.
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Stanton Chase Meeting Tackles Global Competitiveness
London, England, December 13, 2012

Stanton Chase International reports a very positive response from its 45th global Partner meetings held in Zurich November 14-18.  In addition to the regular meetings of global regions and practice groups, international Partners and clients were energized and informed by a remarkable presentation and panel on international competitiveness. Approximately 100  Stanton Chase Partners attended the Zurich meetings.
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Stanton Chase Event to Focus on Service and the Global Economic Competitiveness
London, England, November 9, 2012

Stanton Chase will focus on service and the global economic competitiveness at its 45th international partners meeting November 14 to 18 in Zurich.  The event will bring together executive search consultants from the firm’s 73 worldwide partner offices.
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Stanton Chase International Celebrates Olympic Connection
London, England, August 9, 2012

As the consultants and staff of Stanton Chase partner offices around the world support the athletes from their own countries and the spirit of friendly competition at the London 2012 Olympic Games, Stanton Chase International is celebrating the accomplishments the Austrian Men’s 470 Sailing Team, which is sponsored by Stanton Chase Vienna and has succeeded in qualifying for the final medal race.
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Global Demand for Senior Executives Still High
As published in The Korea Herald, July 27, 2012

Top officials from a leading global search firm said the senior executive consultant market is still high in demand around the world despite the global economic slowdown. Speaking in an interview with The Korea Herald this week, the board members of Stanton Chase International stressed that the senior executive search business has become more challenging to satisfy the clients’ needs.
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Executive Job Outlook in Canada Positive Despite Global Trends, According to BlueSteps
New York, July 23, 2012

Releasing the results of their 2012 Mid-Year Executive Outlook Survey, BlueSteps, the executive career management service of the Association of Executive Search Consultants (AESC), announced that senior executives in Canada reported, at mid-year, a more positive outlook, for both the executive job market and the general business climate, than executives in any other market.
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New Boston Office Expands Stanton Chase Service Offering
London, England, May 29, 2012

Stanton Chase International is pleased to announce a new office in Boston, Massachusetts.  Boston Advisory Partners is joining Stanton Chase International as its latest global ownership partner.
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Stanton Chase Global Meeting Concentrates on Industry Specialization and Client Service
London, England, May 4, 2012

Stanton Chase International reports positive outcomes from its 44th international partners’ meeting held in Chicago April 12-14.
Key outcomes included the enhancement of client services in international industries and sector, increased focus on partner services in executive assessment and Board and CEO search, and expansion into the Boston market. 
Read more

Stanton Chase Event Focuses on Service in Key Industries and Sectors
London, England, April 4, 2012

Stanton Chase will focus on the needs of key global industries and sectors at its 44th international partners meeting April 12 to 14 in Chicago. The event will bring together executive search consultants from the firm's 72 worldwide partner offices.
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Cross-Border Business Grows Dramatically at Stanton Chase
London, England, March 6, 2012

Stanton Chase International is announcing a dramatic increase in cross-border client service activity. From 2010 to 2011 Stanton Chase partner offices experienced a 47 per cent increase in business between countries and across different global regions. These searches addressed the leadership needs of clients in a range of industries and sectors.
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Made in Greece
As published in Business Partners Online, February 8, 2012

We all know that Greece entered a deep recession three years ago, from which it is struggling to emerge.

A real effort must be made to remove competitiveness barriers and promote growth and investment, with an emphasis on stimulating export income along with cross sector reforms and a reorientation toward specific export markets. Tourism, energy, manufacturing, retail, and agricultural can generate business revenues of 125 billion Euros and employ 3 million people.
Read more

Leading Korean Executive Search Firm Joins Stanton Chase
London, England, January 23, 2012

Stanton Chase is pleased to announce the launch of a significant new office in Seoul, Korea. KK Consulting, one of Korea’s most successful and respected executive search service firms, has joined Stanton Chase International as its latest global partner.
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New Stanton Chase Board Continues International Service Focus
London, England, January 17, 2012

Stanton Chase International is pleased to announce a new International Chairman and Board of Directors for 2012.  Selected by its global ownership partners, the new Board will continue the growth of the distinctive Stanton Chase approach to client-centred executive search into key markets around the world.
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Singapore Expansion Enhances Stanton Chase Service in Asia Pacific
Amsterdam, the Netherlands, May 19, 2011

Stanton Chase International is adding another new office to its growing international service offering. An office in Singapore will enhance and complement the services Stanton Chase already provides from its 15 Asia/Pacific offices in Japan, China, India, Australia and New Zealand.
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Meeting the Needs of Clients Operating in Multiple Markets
As published in Search Consult magazine - Issue 40

Are you looking for help filling multiple key executive positions scattered around the world? Executive search firms are increasingly being asked to assist in exactly this type of situation, as major industrial and manufacturing firms expand into international markets. Read more

Bulgaria establishes professional association of executive search consultants
As published by, May 9, 2011

The Bulgarian Executive Search Association (BESA), which includes AESC members Boyden and Read more

Stanton Chase International celebrates its fifth anniversary in Bulgaria

This March, Stanton Chase celebrated its fifth year in Bulgaria. The Bulgarian team celebrated its anniversary together with distinguished partners, clients and friends at a cocktail party at the National Archeological Museum in Sofia.

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Juan Morales Discusses Stanton Chase International
As aired on South Florida Business Report, WPEC, West Palm Beach, Florida

Juan Morales, Managing Director and the North America Regional Practice Leader for Logistics & Transportation at the Miami office of Stanton Chase International discusses Stanton Chase's expertise and how South Florida's economy is positioned during the economic crisis.

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Career Watch: A new perspective on older workers
As published at, March 21, 2011

Q & A: Steve Watson - The managing director of the Dallas office of executive search firm Stanton Chase International discusses changes in prospects for older workers.

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Turkish CEOs expected to do more, research shows
As reported at Hürriyet Daily News, March 18, 2011

Chief executive officers and general managers in Turkey are younger than their peers in the U.S. and Western Europe, according to the Stanton Chase CEO Index.

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Stanton Chase International Completes COO Search for Georgia Ports Authority
Atlanta, Georgia, March 2, 2011

The Atlanta office of Stanton Chase International recently completed a high-profile search for the chief operating officer position of the Georgia Ports Authority (GPA), an assignment reflecting an ongoing, long-term relationship.
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Stanton Chase Service Grows in Russia, Hungary and Belgium
Amsterdam, The Netherlands, January 18, 2011

Stanton Chase International is increasing its global service coverage with the addition of 3 new offices in Europe: Moscow, Budapest and Brussels.
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New Stanton Chase Board Continues Successful Course of Client Dedication
Amsterdam, The Netherlands, December 6, 2010

Stanton Chase International is pleased to announce its new Board of Directors, which was elected by its 51 shareholders from around the world at the 41st International Partners’ meeting that took place in November in Düsseldorf, Germany. The Board’s role is to lead the worldwide organization and direct Stanton Chase’s ability to serve international clients and candidates.
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Read the latest feature articles found within our Fall/Winter 2010 North American Newsletter

Stanton Chase: 20th Anniversary Reception in Zurich, Switzerland, September 2010

Stanton Chase Zurich, the leading Swiss provider of executive search for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs, celebrated the 20th anniversary of Stanton Chase with 100 business partners. Markus Moser, CEO and founder of BSE pioneer Prionics, held the keynote on “What distinguishes entrepreneurs from executives?” Read more

Women at the Top
As reported at Deccan Chronicle, August 26, 2010

More companies today are welcoming women at the top, especially in women oriented industries like healthcare, beauty products and many other sectors. Priya Chetty-Rajagopal, Principal Consultant with Stanton Chase Bangalore, explains the reasons behind this trend and offers examples of women who thrive in senior management positions.

Read more

Romania: At Least 50 Companies Replaced their General Managers in the First Six Months of 2010
As reported at Business News, August 23, 2010

As a substantial number of general managers in Romania have been replaced in the first half of 2010, Stanton Chase Bucharest Managing Director Athena Tavoulari confirms that certain sectors within the country's job market have rebounded in 2010.

Read more

How to Take Your Career International
As reported at Yahoo HotJobs, August 2010

You like what you do, but your job has become a little, well, blah. Or maybe you're just getting started in your career. Why not go international? Juan D. Morales, Managing Director with Stanton Chase Miami, believes that several key sectors are experiencing growth on the international market.

Read more

Stanton Chase Athens – Global Office of the Year
As published in Business Partners, May-June 2010

The numerous problems, setbacks and the market decline of the Executive Search sector were seen as a challenge for the Athens office of Stanton Chase International, which was awarded as the Best Office during the global annual conference. Managing Director Harris Pezoulas and Partners Nancy Mathioudaki, Konstantinos Zafiropoulos and Manos Panorios defined the "secret" behind their success in a recent interview with Business Partners, the flagship magazine of the American-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce. Read more

Stanton Chase Istanbul Organizes Successful Press Conference

Stanton Chase Istanbul welcomed members of our Board of Directors for a press conference held at the Swiss Hotel Istanbul on May 13, 2010. Attended by a number of journalists from well-known major newspapers, the conference strengthened our presence in the industry and allowed Board Members to share knowledgeable insight about the Turkish market.

From left to right: Ward Garven, Vice Chairman Business Excellence; Cagri Alkaya, Managing Partner, Istanbul; James Allen, International Chairman; Ivo A. Hahn, Vice Chairman Practice Groups.

Read more

Stanton Chase Strengthens Client Services in London City
London, UK, June 25, 2010

Stanton Chase International is pleased to announce the opening of a London City office that will specialise solely in the international insurance and reinsurance sector. Based in The Minories, the office will be managed by Freddie de Lisle who joins Stanton Chase from Gundersen Partners.
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Stanton Chase International: 20th Anniversary Reception in Istanbul, Turkey, June 2010

Stanton Chase Istanbul celebrated the 20th anniversary of Stanton Chase International by hosting a reception at Istanbul’s historic Sait Halim Pasa Mansion. The reception, which was attended by 150 guests, attracted numerous HR Directors and General Managers from major local and international companies based in Istanbul.

Read more

Lying on Your Resume: Why It Won't Work
As reported at, June 24, 2010

With several high profile stories of resume fibbing garnering national attention over the past few months, Nancy Keene, a director with Stanton Chase Dallas, explains why a fake resume is the kiss of death for job seekers hoping that their imaginations will abet their career paths.

Read more

Newswire – Regional Newsletter for Austria – Quarter 2, 2010

Regional news updates and exclusive articles for Corporate Leaders in Austria, and Central and Eastern Europe. Read more

Stanton Chase Service Grows in Belgium, Portugal and Qatar
Sydney, Australia, June 10, 2010

Stanton Chase International is increasing its global service coverage with the opening of three new offices in Europe and the Middle East. The new offices are located in Brussels, Lisbon and Doha and will meet the executive search needs of corporations in those markets.
Read more

Exclusive Newswire – Regional Newsletter for Middle East – May 2010

Regional news updates and exclusive articles for Corporate Leaders in the Middle East. Read more

Read the latest feature articles found within our North American Newsletter

Optimism Among MENA's Top Execs Falls in 2010 - Survey
As reported at, May 18, 2010

Optimism regarding business growth opportunities in the GCC in 2010 has fallen among the region's top executives, a new survey has showed. Stanton Chase International's 2010 CEO Census Middle East revealed that 10 percent fewer bosses are optimistic about growth this year, compared to 2009.

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Employees are Key Investments
As published in Hurriyet Daily News & Economic Review, May 17, 2010

While companies struggle to be the best, finding and hiring the right people plays a crucial role for the future of a company. "To stay competitive requires the right people leading the right team in the right direction, the right way," says James Allen, chairman of Stanton Chase International and Managing Director of the Sydney office.

Read more

Stanton Chase International: 20th Anniversary Reception in Dubai, UAE, May 2010

Dubai Best Fits Olympic Spirit
As published in Emirates Business 24-7, May 11, 2010

Konstantina Sakellariou, a Partner with Stanton Chase Dubai, contributes a well-thought-out and clearly written commentary article about why it is important for the UAE to bid for and host the 2020 Olympic Games.

Read more

New Stanton Chase Board Focuses on Client Service Priorities
Sydney, Australia, April 28, 2010

Stanton Chase International is pleased to announce a new Board of Directors.  The board has been selected by Stanton Chase partners from around the world to lead and direct Stanton Chase’s expanding ability to serve international executive search clients. Read more

Dubai Job Market Balloons 20% in First Quarter
As published in Emirates Business 24-7, April 20, 2010

The job market in Dubai continues to improve and grew by more than 20 per cent in the first quarter of the year compared with the same period last year. Panos Manolopoulos, Managing Partner with Stanton Chase Dubai, offers his opinion on the foreseeable future of the Dubai job market.

Read more

Turkish Companies Seek New Management Strategies
As published in Hurriyet Daily News & Economic Review, April 18, 2010

Having altered business processes, the global crisis also affects companies’ expectations from directors and managers. Firms start to look for more efficient and active executives, says Çağrı Alkaya, Managing Partner of Stanton Chase Istanbul.

Read more

Don't Look Back: Are CEOs Worldwide Closing the Pay Gap with their American Counterparts?
As published in The Conference Board Review, Spring 2010

Over the last few decades, CEOs around the world have watched as their American counterparts have become fabulously wealthy. A common justification for the discrepancy is that Americans make more because they run bigger companies. But that’s not necessarily so. What, then, has made the difference—and will the gap ever close? Stanton Chase Managing Director Steve B. Watson offers his perspective on CEO compensation, while expanding on the changing dynamics of today's global market.

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The Next Best Career Move: Actually Moving
As published in the Wall Street Journal, April 13, 2010

A growing number of job seekers find relocating in advance may give them an advantage over candidates from afar. Nancy Keene, a director in the Dallas office of Stanton Chase, calls it the "act local/be local" phenomenon.

Read more

Lurching forward
As published in Executive Magazine, March 31, 2010

With the financial crisis winding down, hiring is set to cautiously resume in the Middle East region’s banks. Executive Magazine spoke with Panos Manolopoulos, vice president for the Middle East at Stanton Chase, to find out what financial jobseekers can expect to see in 2010.

Read more

UAE Still Strategic for Executive Search
As reported at, February 28, 2010

Stanton Chase views the UAE an attractive strategic location for its operations. Veathika Raina, a reporter with, sits down with Panos Manolopoulos, Regional Vice President for Europe, Middle East and Africa, to find out which industries are currently hiring in the UAE and the GCC as a whole.

Read more

UAE Recruitment Ready to Pick Up, but Not Just Yet
As reported at, March 10, 2010

Major US firms in the Emirates are all ready to initiate a hiring drive, but before they start tapping into recruitment budgets managers want to see some definitive signs of economic recovery in this quarter. Jack Montgomery, a Senior Consultant with Stanton Chase Dubai, explains why companies have adopted this approach.

Read more

Stanton Chase Global Life Sciences and Healthcare Practice Revenues Rise 25%
Austin, Texas, January 19, 2010

Global executive search firm Stanton Chase International announced today that the global Life Sciences and Healthcare revenues rose 25% for the 12 month period ending September 30, 2009. In addition, the number of global assignments increased by more than 6%. Read more

Wassim Karkabi Discusses Salaries and Bonus Pay Structures for 2010
As aired on Inside Business, City 7 TV, Dubai

Presenter Katie Jensen speaks with Mr. Wassim Karkabi, a Partner and Regional Practice Leader EMEA, Industrial Practice at Stanton Chase about what to expect for salaries across various industries this year.

Read more

Ivo A. Hahn Shares his Expertise on China's Talent Crunch

Ivo A. Hahn, Managing Director for Stanton Chase Greater China, sits down with to converse about the talent crunch in China.

Read more

Inside or Out?
As reported at Human Resource Executive Online, February 12, 2010

A new study finds organizations that appoint new CEOs from within their ranks are better off in the long term than organizations that hire from outside. But Nancy Keene, a director with Stanton Chase Dallas, shares her view as to why General Motors, which recently installed an outside CEO, may be a role model for an exception to the rule.

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Exec Hiring may be on the Rise
As reported at, February 9, 2010

As the U.S. Senate considers a bill to help the unemployment situation and Senators haggle over whether they will continue a program that increased the number of weeks unemployment can be collected, Mickey Matthews, Vice President, Stanton Chase North America, believes hiring is on the upswing for many high-level executives.

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Dubai Well-Placed to Lure Talent
As reported at, February 8, 2010

Despite a number of lay-offs witnessed in Dubai last year, the emirate is well-placed to attract talent in the future. "The region [and Dubai in particular] will continue to seek senior and competent human talent," says Panos Manolopoulos, Regional Vice President for Europe, Middle East and Africa for Stanton Chase International.

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Workers Look Abroad as Dubai Slows Down
As reported at, January 23, 2010

Some of the expatriate talent who had called the UAE home during the boom years were rather unceremoniously made to leave when the contraction hit the economy with real force in the last quarter of 2008. Jack Montgomery, a Senior Consultant with Stanton Chase Dubai, comments on the changing make-up of the UAE labour market and its shrinking talent pool.

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Building Capital: Increasing Your Value While Unemployed
As reported at, January 14, 2010

In an ultra-competitive market, not only will you need to have superior skills to land a job, but you will also need to demonstrate to employers that you're keeping up with the changing world of finance. Paul Herrerias of Stanton Chase San Francisco offers timely advice for job candidates looking to build career capital while unemployed.

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Salaries in Construction and Realty to Remain Flat this Year
As reported at, January 11, 2010

Salaries in the real estate and construction sector are likely to remain flat this year and any hikes that happen will depend on a case-by-case basis, say analysts. Wassim Karkabi, a partner with Stanton Chase Dubai and Regional Practice Leader EMEA, Industrial Practice, examines the consequences of this reality for UAE based companies.

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Stanton Chase Sponsors New Year’s Reception by the American Chamber of Commerce in Germany

Stanton Chase International is a proud supporter of the American Chamber of Commerce in Germany’s New Year’s Reception 2010, held at the US Consulate General Hamburg. Read more

Insight into the Czech Republic’s Executive Search Market
As reported at, January 8, 2010

Jozef Papp, Managing Partner with Stanton Chase Prague, offers expert advice and concrete examples about the ins and outs of executive search in the Czech Republic at (Article published in Czech)

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The Downturn is the Ideal Time for Business Leaders to Develop Failure-Detection Skills
As reported at, December 17, 2009

Panos Manolopoulos, Managing Partner with Stanton Chase Dubai, pens a commentary article which takes a look at the reasons why today's international leaders must adapt quickly in order to help their companies thrive in today’s tenuous business environment.

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Surviving the Current Market
As reported at the IEEE Computer Society's

It’s a tough time to be looking for a job. The global economy remains weak and any potential recovery hasn’t translated into meaningful employment opportunities. More people are vying for open slots, and efficiency minded employers are often seeking more diverse skill sets in new hires. So where do you look for a job in this environment, and how do you go about it? Steve B. Watson, International Chairman and Managing Director of Stanton Chase Dallas, explains why IT job opportunities may be on the rise.

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GreenTech Alternative Energy Conference 2010

Alternative energy conference, sponsored by Stanton Chase, to be held Thursday, November 12, 2009 in Mill Valley, California.

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Read the latest feature articles found within our Q3 North American Newsletter

Job Sector to see Gradual Upturn
As published in Emirates Business 24/7, September 17, 2009

Employment dynamics in the UAE are on the cusp of a turnaround with a substantial proportion of firms giving serious consideration to resuming hiring in the short term. Panos Manoloupolos, Managing Partner of the Middle East operations of Stanton Chase International, weighs in on the matter and explains why the last quarter of the year will be crucial for the UAE job market.

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The Bonus Culture Issue at the G-20 Summit
Interview aired on Dubai Eye 103.8 FM, The Business Breakfast, September 23, 2009

Panos Manoloupolos, Managing Partner of the Middle East operations of Stanton Chase International, appears on the UAE's premier talk radio station, Dubai Eye 103.8 FM, to discuss the issue of financial market reform ahead of the G-20 Summit held in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania September 24-25, 2009. mp3 (click here to download)

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In Search of Cachet
As published in the Wall Street Journal, September 16, 2009

Many people are finding there's a way to get some of the benefits of an M.B.A. degree from a top-flight school but at a fraction of the usual cost. They're heading online. Nancy Keene, a director with Stanton Chase Dallas, offers advice to people considering online programs.

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No Job Is Safe in Today's Tough Labor Market
As published in the New York Times, September 14, 2009

As the unemployment rate climbs to almost 10 percent, no industry or profession has been spared when employers needed to cut jobs. That includes fields once considered untouchable. Mickey Matthews, Vice President, Stanton Chase North America, explains why it’s OK for job seekers to accept positions below their previous titles to get in the door.

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The Middle East: A Promising Land for Stanton Chase
As reported in search-consult, Issue 36, 2009

Despite the global recession and economic uncertainty that continues to loom, search-consult magazine reports that Stanton Chase is optimistic about the opportunities that the Middle East holds for executive search. Read more

Finance: Money Talks
As reported at, August 1, 2009

When it comes to executive compensation packages, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. More than ever, individual companies need to figure out exactly what they want to accomplish with their compensation packages and tailor individual solutions based on that information. David Harap, Global Practice Leader of the Life Sciences and Healthcare practice group, offers advice on how to develop an effective executive compensation program.

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Web 2.0 and the HR and Staffing Industries: Challenges and Benefits
As reported at, July 2009

New college graduates have learned that a boozy Facebook profile is not an employment recommendation, but how many senior HR executives make use of Social Media tools to find just the right candidates for the most important positions they have to fill?
Bernard Vanderlande, a Director with Stanton Chase Atlanta, offers his opinion as to why HR executives at large public companies are reluctant to adopt Web 2.0 tools.

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Executive Newswire - Regional Newsletter for Middle East
Issue Number Two - July 2009

Welcome to the second issue of our Middle East Newswire! This issue comes at the verge of what seems to be a more optimistic era, as the markets react to the first positive signs, resulting from an international effort to face the economic slowdown. However, all the economies, including the ones in Middle East, still have to work hard in order to face and resolve the deep structural problems that the crisis revealed. Read more

Stanton Chase Continues Global Growth
Dallas, Texas, June 22, 2009

Stanton Chase International is expanding its global presence with three new offices in Africa, Europe, and North America. The new offices are located in Sofia, Lagos and Toronto. This growth reflects the increasing success of Stanton Chase's partnership-focused approach to executive search at meeting the needs of clients during these challenging economic times. Read more

In Finance, Recent Signs of Hiring
As published in the Wall Street Journal, June 16, 2009

Large and midsize financial-services institutions are hiring again, albeit modestly. Recruiters cite improving financial markets and increasing investor confidence as catalysts. Pete Deragon, North America Regional Practice Leader of the Stanton Chase International Financial Services practice group, explains why a relatively strong niche is credit.

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Stanton Chase International Opens New Toronto Office
Toronto, Ontario, June 12, 2009

Building upon an already strong reputation in North America, Stanton Chase International, a top-ten retained executive search firm, has announced the addition of Kinley & Connelly, Toronto, to its global network of recruiting firms. Read more

Managing a Global Business through World Recession
Dallas, Texas, June 9, 2009

The global partners of Stanton Chase International recently convened to tackle key issues surrounding the management of an international business through a global recession, as well as its impact on management talent. Read more

119 Reasons Why We Love Dallas - No. 97
As published in D Magazine, June 2009

Nancy Keene, a director with Stanton Chase Dallas, illustrates why she loves her city in D Magazine's annual Best of Big D issue, which highlights the spectacular people, places, things, ideas, attitudes, and defining characteristics that exist in Dallas and nowhere else.

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Marketing Oneself
As reported at, May 22, 2009

With today’s job market as competitive as ever, standing out from the crowd is vital to landing that next position. With so many people unemployed right now and looking for work, most hiring managers are inundated with resumes. So just how do you get noticed by a hiring manager or recruiter? David M. Love II, Director with Stanton Chase Atlanta, offers important tips.

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UAE Still Remains Most Active Employment Market in the Gulf Region
As reported at, May 20, 2009

The UAE is still probably the most active employment market in the region, even amid the current economic downturn, believes Steve B. Watson, International Chairman and Managing Director of Stanton Chase Dallas.

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The New Reality 2.0: The Downturn and Its Impact on Talent Strategy
Survey Findings – White Paper – Stanton Chase and Birkman International

Last year, we wrote a paper about The New Reality. Simply put, the New Reality characterized the contemporary North American workplace as one with shorter job tenures, changing generational values, a surplus of vacant positions and scarce talent. How has the economic downturn impacted The New Reality? Read more

Out of Work 6 Months. Now What?
As reported at, April 13, 2009

If you've been unemployed for half a year in this market, should you just take any job you're offered? Rewrite your resume? Enjoy the break? Fortune Magazine contributor Anne Fisher turns to Nancy Keene, Director with Stanton Chase Dallas, for answers in her latest 'Dear Annie' column.

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High Five for Stanton Chase Stockholm!
Stockholm, Sweden, March 2009

After only three years on the Swedish market, Stanton Chase Stockholm is now ranked among the top five executive search firms in Sweden, according to a recent survey conducted among the largest companies that use executive search services. Read more

Jobs in the Thriving Healthcare Industry
As reported at, March 29, 2009

David Harap, Global Practice Leader of Stanton Chase International's Life Sciences and Healthcare practice group, believes that the need for qualified healthcare executives is stronger than ever, and the urgency to fill these positions isn't going to let up anytime soon.

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The Importance of Culture and Diversity in Successfully Building an Organization
As published in the Fordyce Letter, March 24, 2009

David M. Love II, Director with Stanton Chase Atlanta, explains that finding, maintaining, and growing the right talent is crucial to business success, especially in this economy. But academic intelligence and a strong resume are not necessarily the most critical elements of a top candidate. It can be much more crucial to fit into the corporate culture, its inner values, rituals, rites, and perspectives, with a compatible personality, creativity, flexibility, and social adaptability.

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Should You Take a Lower-Level Job?
As reported at, March 13, 2009

Many career experts warn job seekers against taking lower-level jobs. They argue it does a disservice to the job seeker's career. But in this economy, taking a lower-level job might actually be a smart career move. CIO Magazine Editor Meridith Levinson turns to Steve Watson, Stanton Chase - International Chairman and Managing Director of the Dallas office, for expert insight.

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A Degree no Guarantee
As published in The Saginaw News, March 8, 2009

While it still pays to get a college degree, even those with advanced learning can struggle to find jobs in an economy with 8.1 cq percent national unemployment for February. Bernard Layton, Managing Director of Stanton Chase Chicago, offers timely advice for today's job seekers as well as job holders.

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They're Hiring: Where The Jobs Are
As reported at, March 6, 2009

There’s still some hope for job seekers. Despite the recession and almost daily layoff announcements, many employers across the country are actually hiring. Mickey Matthews, Regional Vice President - Stanton Chase North America and Managing Director of the Stanton Chase Baltimore office, explains that some companies that have announced layoffs are hiring again.

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Some Retirees Look to Get Back in the Workforce
As published in Newsday, February 28, 2009

Managing Director of Stanton Chase New York, Charles Wright explains that opportunities do exist for senior and mid-level executives who are considering putting away the hammock and picking up the briefcase.

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Should I Stay or Should I Go?
As reported at

With many financial advisors frustrated about their franchises, more are starting to explore the independent channel. Pete Deragon, North America Practice Leader - Financial Services, weighs in with factors to consider as they contemplate their options.

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Job-Hunting 101: A Guide for the New Realities of These Tougher Times
As published in The Globe and Mail, February 18, 2009

More than in any other recent economic downturn, many long-term employees are suddenly finding themselves victims of job loss, tossed into a situation they may not have faced in years. Managing Director of Stanton Chase Calgary, Ward Garven offers timely advice to workers returning to the job market.

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Local Labor Market to Continue Shrinking Until 2010
As reported at, February 18, 2009

An 18-month-long decline reported in the Employment Trends Index (ETI) pretty much paints the landscape of what is expected for 2009. The decline is present in all eight components of the index, mostly over the last six months in temporary hires and part-time workers. Juan Morales, Managing Director of Stanton Chase Miami, explains that opportunities exist in several traditional and emerging industries.

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Search Firms Feel Chill of Recession
As published in The Washington Post, February 9, 2009

Millions of Americans have lost their jobs, tens of thousands of them in the Washington region, many in the financial services and information technology fields. And now, the industry that traditionally has been fueled by workplace turnover and executive departures is feeling the repercussions of the economic downturn in its own ranks.

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How to Overcome a Job-Hopping History
As published in The New York Times, February 1, 2009

Dean Bare, Managing Director of Stanton Chase Atlanta, enlightens candidates on how best to handle questions about their job history during an interview.

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'AIG Effect' Tones Down Lavish Business Events
As published in USA Today, January 27, 2009

Subsequent to an awkward disclosure last fall by American International Group, revealing that it had spent about $400,000 on a luxurious retreat after taking an $85 billion federal bailout, Stanton Chase’s Mickey Matthews explains how the firm’s partner meetings have evolved.

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Clouds Darken Over the Smokestack Sector
As reported at, January 8, 2009

Bernard Layton, North America Regional Practice Leader - Industrial, offers expert insight into how the economic downturn will affect the Industrial sector. He also explains why the outlook can vary dramatically for companies within the same sub-sector. Read more

THIS IS HOW WE SEE IT: Freight Forwarding Talent, A Tough Economy and Beyond
By Juan D. Morales, Managing Director of Stanton Chase Miami

Juan D. Morales, North America Regional Practice Leader - Logistics and Transportation, takes a closer look at the substantial growth within the industry and how it has been forced to evolve in the process. Read more

California Leads Charge in Energizing CleanTECH Industry
By Paul K. Herrerias, Managing Director of Stanton Chase San Francisco

The San Francisco Bay Area’s unprecedented research and development infrastructure is throwing its Herculean weight around in the alternative energy world. Powered by 5 world-class research universities and 18 national research laboratories and institutes, the region’s R&D infrastructure and talented scientists and technologists have enabled the Bay Area to continue its leadership position in science, technology and innovation. Read more

Executive Search Consultants - Making the Difference
By Marjorie Slater, Director, Stanton Chase New York

One of the smartest things you can do when a search consultant calls is to answer the phone. Here’s why: Specialized executive search consultants can make your life much easier. They operate as strategic business consultants, professional coaches, career counselors, interviewers, client advocates, negotiators, relocation assistants, and anything and everything required to satisfy the needs of both clients and candidates. Read more

Sustainability = People, Planet, Profit
By Daniel Casteel, Managing Director of Stanton Chase Nashville and John A. Helfrich, Director, Stanton Chase Baltimore

With the current economic challenges at hand, it is now more important than ever to look at the long term sustainability of every business enterprise. Accordingly, it is no surprise that the role of Chief Sustainability Officer is the fastest growing new "C" Suite role in global corporations. Read more

Gulf CEOs Remain Optimistic on Economic Growth
As published in the Khaleej Times, December 22, 2008

Despite widespread concern of a rapid slowdown in Gulf economies, Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) in the region remain significantly optimistic on growth prospects, according to a survey published by Stanton Chase.

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GreenTech CEO/COO Conference: Alternative Energy in 2009

Alternative energy conference, sponsored by Stanton Chase, to be held Tuesday, November 6, 2008 in Mill Valley, California. Read more

More Americans Vault Overseas to Search for Jobs
As published in the Wall Street Journal, October 14, 2008

Managing Director of Stanton Chase Dallas, Ed Moerbe shares his thoughts on a recent trend by which an increasing number American financial professionals are pursuing opportunities overseas. The Wall Street meltdown has already left tens of thousands of American financial professionals unemployed, and thousands more may face the same fate. The crisis, a weak economy and increased competition for available jobs are sending some professionals running for the border.

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Recruiter Savage Says During a Tough Economy, Some Restaurant Jobs are Still Safe
As published in Nation’s Restaurant News, October 13, 2008

National unemployment at a five-year high, struggling financial markets, a severe credit crunch—times are tight right now for restaurants that also are dealing with high labor, energy and food costs. It’s also a tough time to be an employee in an industry experiencing layoffs, bankruptcies and closures. However, when times are tough, there are some positions that are in more demand than others in restaurant companies, explains Edward J. Savage III, Managing Partner for the Southern California region of Stanton Chase.

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Thriving Amid Tough Job Market
As published in the Nashville Business Journal, October 3, 2008

The unemployment rate jumped to a five-year high this August as more employers continue to cut jobs. This comes as no surprise with the weak economy and struggling financial markets, as Congress scrambles with its $700 billion bailout plan of the U.S. financial system. Find out what Daniel Casteel, Managing Director of the Nashville office, thinks the future job market will look like and what careers are the safest bets for weathering the storm.

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Last In, First Out and the Future Job Market
As published in the Fordyce Letter, October 1, 2008

In the midst of a weak economy, it is expected that employers will continue to cut jobs. Mickey Matthews, co-managing director of the Baltimore office of Stanton Chase International and Vice President, North America, shares his thoughts on the future job market and the careers that are the safest bets to weather the storm.

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Revved Up: Stanton Chase Italy and Ferrari Forge Partnership
Stanton Chase Italy, September 2008

Stanton Chase Italy has enhanced its position in the Automotive sector. Stanton Chase Italy has been working for the Brembo Group since 1993, and has now been selected by Ferrari as its Partner to help it meet its Executive Search needs. Read more

Search Consultant Calling? It's a Compliment
As published in Credit Union Magazine, October 1, 2008

Steve Watson, International Chairman and Managing Director of the Dallas office, offers incisive advice and forward-thinking tips for top-level executives who are contacted by executive search professionals. While many candidates are quick to dismiss calls from recruiters, circumstances beyond their own control could leave even the highest-level executives looking for their next jobs.

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Building a Strong Talent Pool When Time is of the Essence
As published in the Fordyce Letter, September 16, 2008

Paul Herrerias, Managing Director of Stanton Chase San Francisco, explains the effective method by which the seasoned executive recruiters in his office successfully completed a time-sensitive search assignment for the St. Francis Yacht Club, one of San Francisco's oldest and most prestigious private clubs.

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Financial Services: Looking for the silver lining
San Francisco, California, USA, September 2008

With gloomy news about mortgage issuers, mortgage holders, plummeting home prices, an excess inventory of homes for sale, and tighter credit markets cast blatantly across the business headlines each day, it would be easy to assume that all service providers within the Financial Services sector are suffering. As search consultants covering the broad range of Financial Services sectors, we see a somewhat different market than the headlines would indicate. Read more

The North American Energy Industry vs. the “Perfect Storm”
Dallas, Texas, USA, August 2008

Rick Davis, Director and North American Practice Leader - Natural Resources and Energy of Stanton Chase Dallas, comments on how U.S. and Canadian energy companies may counter some of the most significant challenges since the industry’s downturn during the 1980’s. Read more

Shortage of Chinese Managers Impact Bottom Line
Hong Kong, China, August 2008

Ivo A Hahn, Global Practice Leader, Logistics and Transportation, Stanton Chase International, Hong Kong & Shanghai, explains that companies of every size, across all industry sectors are all pursuing the same limited pool of qualified native Chinese candidates. Read more

Stanton Chase International launches new positioning
London, UK, August 29, 2008

Stanton Chase International has announced a new positioning after a year long development programme involving customer research and internal consultation through a worldwide steering committee led by Nicholas Wylde, Managing Director of the London office. Read more

Stanton Chase Best Practices for Global Search Success
As published in The Grape Vine, July 2008 issue

Managing Director Nicholas Wylde, of Stanton Chase London, explains why Stanton Chase International is consistently ranked as one of the top ten executive search firms in the world. Read more

Burning the Midnight Oil: Recruiting for the Energy Sector
As published in the Fordyce Letter, Aug 21, 2008

Rick Davis, Director and North American Practice Leader - Natural Resources & Energy of Stanton Chase Dallas, comments on how the energy sector is seeking the assistance of recruiters with international expertise and networks to help find the right people in an industry that is lacking available talent to fill positions.

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Retention Starts with Recruiting
As published in Search-Consult Issue 34, 2008

Emerson Hughes is Managing Director of Stanton Chase International's Montreal office, looks at how the reasons why employees choose and how companies can recruit for the long run. Read more

Cultural Secrets in Global Recruiting
As reported at The Fordyce Letter, August 8, 2008

In a day and age when globalization is rife within many business sectors, Steve Watson, International Chairman and Managing Director of Stanton Chase Dallas, identifies several challenges associated with recruiting talent for key positions in foreign countries.

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Determining Character Through Unconventional Strategies
As reported at Benefits & Compensation Solutions, May/June 2008

In a day and age when companies want to avoid publicized corporate scandals, Managing Director of Stanton Chase Atlanta, Dean Bare examines various methods utilized by hiring managers and search firms to identify candidates with integrity.

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CoLucid tries to prove that a virtual biotech can produce real returns
As reported in Triangle Business Journal, July 11, 2008

Ajit Thampy, Principal with Stanton Chase's Research Triangle Park office, comments on a local startup biotech firm's "virtual" company model.

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Stanton Chase Strengthens its Presence in Austria
London, UK, June 18, 2008

The board of Stanton Chase International are extremely pleased to announce the development of its Vienna office that was unanimously approved at the recent global partners meeting, held in Paris. The Vienna office partnership will include Gert Herold, Heimo Hecht, Alexander Kail and Michael Schaumann. Read more

Stanton Chase Strengthens its Presence in the Midwest of North America
London, UK, June, 2008

At the recent global partners meeting held in Paris, Stanton Chase are pleased to announce the realignment of our Chicago office under the leadership of Bernard Layton, Managing Director. He has 21 years of executive search experience with a broad spread of clients particularly in the Industrial, Technology, Consumer and Energy sectors. Read more

Can Research Triangle Attain Silicon Valley's Stature?
As reported in Tech Journal South, May 2008

Ajit Thampy of Stanton Chase's Research Triangle Park office ponders whether North Carolina's Research Triangle Park (RTP) will one day attain Silicon Valley's level of importance to the economy. Read more

Quintiles on Pace to Add 5,000 Jobs this Year
As reported in Triangle Business Journal, May 16, 2008

Ajit Thampy, Principal with Stanton Chase's Research Triangle Park office, offers his insight on Quintiles Transnational's hiring binge. The clinical research organization has recently announced that it will create 5,000 additional jobs worldwide by the end of the year.

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Bridging the Gap
As reported at Human Resource Executive Online, May 16, 2008

Managing Director of Stanton Chase Atlanta, Dean Bare explains why companies should prioritize talent management and promote HR from a back-office to a front-line strategy in order to successfully cope with an impending talent crisis.

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Executive Search Consultants Calls: Benefit or Bother?
As appeared in Supply Chain Comment, March/April 2008

Marjorie Slater, Director with Stanton Chase New York, explains why potential candidates looking to enhance their professional life stand to benefit when answering calls from executive search consultants. Read more

Unconventional Recruiting Strategies Determine Job Hopefuls' Character
As reported at, March, 2008

Daniel Casteel, Managing Director with Stanton Chase Nashville, examines distinct techniques that search firms, in-house hiring managers, and human resource executives may utilize when looking at prospective employees.

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Managing Your Knowledge Base Through the Talent Pipeline
As appeared in Execunet's CareerSmart Advisor, February 4, 2008

Steve Watson, International Chairman and Managing Director of Stanton Chase Dallas, explains why a well-defined succession planning process is indispensable to a company's continued success. Read more

Stanton Chase/Birkman Survey Reveals Talent Shortage Creating Crisis in Workplace
Dallas, Texas, USA, January 16, 2008

By 2010 there will be 11.5 million more jobs than workers. It's called the "new reality" and it's happening now as baby boomers retire, leaving a drastically smaller employee pool to fill their jobs. These individuals lack the boomers' skills and experience and bring different work ethics, expectations and loyalties to the workplace. Read more