Great Companies Deserve Great Boards

Inside the Board Room

1 One of the most significant initiatives that a Board of Directors can undertake to strengthen its own performance is to take time to reflect on what it does well and where it is more challenged. Global Boards now acknowledge that a well-managed Board’s self assessment process can lead to substantial improvements in Board effectiveness, bringing significant benefits to their organisations.
2 Gone are the days when being on a Board of Directors was seen primarily as a prestigious position and supervisory role. Being a Board Member is now about active leadership, personal accountability and senior executive coaching rather than passive supervision. Board Members are moving from being reactive to dynamic by approaching their board work with increased vigour and dedication so as to make a positive difference to the organisations on whose Boards they serve.
3 The Global Board Advisory Practice at Stanton Chase is about making our Clients’ Boards better as a result of our interaction, and making sure that impact lasts in our absence.

Growing Pressures in the Board Room

Whilst Corporate Boards have achieved much over the last 20 years, they are now starting to recognise that legacy boardroom practices may no longer suffice to allow their corporations to survive and grow in rapidly changing markets.

Board Assessment Benefits

  • Leadership
  • Clarity of Role
  • Teamwork
  • Accountability
  • Decision Making
  • Communication
  • Board Operations

Board Assessment Methodology

A practical and pragmatic assessment approach assists in identifying what a board is doing well, what may need attention in a couple of years and what improvement opportunities exist today for immediate implementation.

Board Assessment Methodology

Traditional Board Assessment methodologies have either utilised a Quantitative (numerical and statistical) approach or a Qualitative (opinions and views via interview) approach. Whilst both have their respective strengths, neither independently provides a comprehensive picture. The Board Assessment Methodology at Stanton Chase sensibly blends both so as to effectively and efficiently obtain a clear and complete assessment, whilst optimising the board’s time dedicated to the process.

Board Room Assessment Tools

The right tools, used well, contribute toward a smooth, swift and insightful experience. Tools are matched to a Board’s maturity and experience and allow the rapid but accurate and complete identification of both a Board’s strengths and its opportunities for improvement.

Boardroom Advance provides a detailed and comprehensive analysis of the Boards activities, current strengths, long term improvement opportunities and short term progression requirements.

Board Assessment Benefits

  • 1 The Stanton Chase Board Assessment Team always consists of two Board experienced Stanton Chase Partners.
  • 2 At least one Partner, if not both, will be currently serving as a Non-Executive Director on several Boards. (Bringing practical, hands on experience.)
  • 3 At least one Partner, if not both, will have Board Room and Senior C-Suite Career and Leadership coaching skills and experience.
  • 4 At least one Partner will have accredited training for board performance assessment such as IFC, World Bank or IOD accreditation.
  • 5 Both Partners together will have at least 25 years of Senior Executive, Professional and/or Board Room experience.

Stanton Chase is uniquely positioned to help you make the best leadership decisions.

A deep understanding of executive talent
As a leader in worldwide executive search, we can accurately gauge your executives against the industry’s leaders, many of whom we have personally identified and placed.

A unique view on potential
Rather than judging and predicting future success based on past experience alone, we use a unique approach that takes on board the proven indicators of success for your company.

Executives advising executives

We approach each commitment with a thorough understanding of your individual business needs, and an ultimate goal of driving your business forward to achieve the best results.

Every company is different. And no two business challenges are the same. At Stanton Chase we realize this, and have the requisite proficiency and understanding to tailor our client solutions in order to meet the needs of each individual or organization.

Our experience speaks for itself in terms of our understanding of executive assessment, development, and leadership, and our expertise and in-depth knowledge of the market ensures we are able to help you overcome any future challenges your business may face.