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Board and CEO Services

Boards and CEOs have distinctive needs for executive search and leadership consulting services. Meeting those needs is a strength and key focus for Stanton Chase. We are called upon daily to advise on the assessment and selection of top corporate leaders around the world.

The Leadership Challenge

The challenges facing Boards and CEOs are escalating. Stakeholders are increasing their expectations for successful results even as resource, market and financial uncertainty continue. Boards and CEOs are dealing with the challenges of globalization, risk management, regulatory scrutiny and shareholder activism. Boards and CEOs today are seeking leaders to drive transformation and success, with true strength in strategy and multicultural sensitivity.

What Makes a Board and CEO Search Different?

Helping Boards and CEOs find these leaders requires the highest level of consulting experience and ability.

  • These searches are challenging and crucial to the success of your organization. They may also be delicate, high-risk and confidential. Trust is essential.
  • These searches must look beyond job function and credentials. They require an in-depth understanding of your industry and organization, and the strengths and competencies your leader will need.
  • These searches require business connections at the highest level within your industry, as well as industries with transferable skill requirements.
  • These searches require a creative, adaptable and insightful consulting approach.

Why Stanton Chase for Board and CEO Services?

Stanton Chase has a depth of experience around the world helping Boards and CEOs meet their leadership needs. Our excellence in this area is based on:

  • Senior, experienced, international consultants
  • Track record of success in this area and as trusted advisor to Boards and CEOs
  • Best-practices approach to Board and CEO search and service
  • Deep regional business knowledge and leadership connections in every market
  • Specific industry expertise and knowledge
  • Global market coverage
  • Expertise in international cross-border search

Our Senior Consultants are Business Leaders

Our global partners possess a wealth of personal experience in corporate leadership. Thanks to this experience, we understand Boards and CEOs and are highly sensitive to the issues and pressures businesses face. We bring with us an intimate understanding of the ethics, sensitivity and discretion required. We also recognize the drivers of success in today’s dynamic and complex global economy.

Board Services

Stanton Chase recognizes strong corporate governance is paramount in preserving stable leadership in today’s global economy. Increased regulatory scrutiny and raised expectations from shareholders and stakeholders underscore the critical importance of ensuring the composition of strong and diverse Boards.  Our global team of Board experts provides an array of services to bring your company to the next level.

We are committed to developing Board effectiveness through careful evaluations carried out in partnership with our clients. We provide in-depth assessments and offer actionable solutions to improve your company. We pride ourselves not only on improving the status quo of your Board, but also in planning for the future.

With these points in mind, we offer the following services:

  • Director Search: Board leadership defines the Board and reflects the company’s culture. Stanton Chase works in partnership with you to ensure the Board Director represents your company’s diversity, ethos and values.  After identification, recruitment, and onboarding of the leaders, we continue our partnership through leadership assessment.
  • Leadership Assessment: We bring extensive experience evaluating the competencies, experience, and talent needed to develop your top leaders. We carefully review your corporate culture, and we advise leaders on best practices in the field.
  • Board & CEO Succession planning: We work in close partnership with your business to evaluate the existing plan and developing a future plan of action.  Stanton Chase works to develop seamless transitions for your company with our close partnership model.
  • Board Effectiveness: Shareholders and stakeholders are demanding more.  We partner with you to ensure your Board management and composition is aligned with your corporate strategy, and to make sure your Board is effective and efficient.We tailor our recommendations for best practices to fit your company’s culture, resulting in a higher-performing Board.

Our Best Practices Process

Our approach enables us to respond with a deep, rapid competency to Board and CEO needs.

  • Hands-On Senior Service: Our lead consultants and global partners work directly and hands-on with your Board or Governance Committee.
  • Close Working Relationships: We develop close and effective working partnerships with you to ensure we fully understand your requirements.
  • Deep Listening and Consulting: We listen closely to discern and investigate your situation and your leadership needs, and to deliver the right analyses and recommendations.
  • International Prospect Identification: We deliver a truly international search that locates the best candidates, wherever in the world they may be. We succeed through seamless inter-office relationships, worldwide market coverage, deep local business knowledge and significant industry expertise.
  • In-Depth Research on Short-List Candidates: We investigate prospects thoroughly and only approach candidates with very strong potential.

These elements ensure delivery of an effective and comprehensive approach to Board and CEO services.

Stanton Chase provides Board and CEO services within many industries. Whether you are a startup company seeking a new CEO, a mid-market firm looking to expand your Board, or a Fortune 500 company working on your succession plan, we stand behind you as a partner.

To find a consultant to help you with your Board or CEO needs, contact the Stanton Chase office closest to you.