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CEO Survey 2014 Czech Republic
By Jozef Papp, Stanton Chase Prague

In 2014, for the third consecutive year, we held a survey among CEOs in the Czech Republic. There are some interesting trends to be noted when comparing the results of previous years. The Czech economy for the next 12 months is viewed optimistically by 80% of the respondents, an improvement of nearly double over 2013, when 42% were optimistic...Read More

Corporate values
By Stanton Chase Belgrade

In today’s constant struggle for market, both on global and local level, top products, modern technology and safe sources of finance are a good baseline. It certainly isn’t enough, because without people these factors do not guarantee success. Large world corporations defined competencies a long time ago and they divided them into different groups. How much have the local companies adapted to world practices?..Read More

CEO Survey 2013
By Stanton Chase Moscow

We contacted 1103 CEOs of companies from all spheres throughout Russia, of whom about 25% actually have participated. From the respondents’ answers, we discovered that most of them (over than 85%) assessed 2013 as successful, but their forecasts for 2014 are more conservative (40% positive and about the same neutral), in the meanwhile the mood in their companies in 70% is still optimistic...Read More

Executive Newswire 5
By Stanton Chase Belgrade

This is our last issue of the year. In the tough times for the economy of Serbia throughout all these months we’ve tried to broadcast the positive spirit by talking to the businessmen from different industries and we tried to promote domestic companies and organizations, not just in the country but also abroad.Read More

Stanton Chase Sofia Newsletter June 2013
By Stanton Chase Sofia

During the last several years we are living in times when some of the most often used words are economic crisis, decrease of purchasing power, stagnation and even recession. At the same time companies in all sectors are targeting further development of their businesses as well as increase of both sales and work efficiency. How could this happen in such a complicated environment?Read More

The Stanton Chase Manager Barometer 2013
By Stanton Chase Vienna

Since 2010, international executive search company Stanton Chase has carried out an extensive annual survey of the opinions of Austria’s top executives, monitoring their views on the general economic situation and their expectations for the year. This year again 1,500 top executives and managers took part in the survey. Results indicate a general mood of optimism with regard to economic outlook while there is deep dissatisfaction with current economic policy.Read More

First Talent Management Survey By Stanton Chase Athens
By Stanton Chase Athens

In March and April 2013, Stanton Chase Athens, through a survey to Senior HR Executives, shed light on one of the important issues concerning all organizations: the “Strategy-Driven Talent Management.” Talent management is arguably one of the most important topic areas in organizations today. Talent is becoming recognized as a core competitive asset in business organizations and as the currency of business.Read More

A Study on Talent Management in Swiss NPOs
Conducted by Stefan Hofer, Stanton Chase International (Schweiz) AG

The area of nonprofit organizations (NPOs) is currently undergoing a process of transformation in terms of professionalism. Swiss studies to date have failed to consider the extent to which this professionalization is having an impact on the recruitment processes and talent management of NPOs. In order to fill this gap and obtain a better insight into the implications of this transformation on the HR management of NPOs, the executive search company Stanton Chase International (Schweiz) AG carried out a qualitative study. This study involved surveying 19 HR managers from national and international NPOs, and focused particularly on the profiles of NPO employees and competencies that have been lacking so far, as well as on the recruitment process and talent retention.Read More

CEO Survey 2013 - Prague
By Stanton Chase Prague

After our positive experience with last year’s survey amongst Czech top managers, we once more organised the CEO Survey 2013 this year. Because we were particularly interested in comparisons with last year, we asked the managers the same, or slightly amended, questions. From the respondents’ answers, we discovered that most of them assessed 2012 as successful, and their forecasts for 2013 are, in their opinion, optimistic, as is the mood in their companies. In comparison with 2012, this is a change for the better. Read More

CEO Survey 2012 - Warsaw
By Stanton Chase Warsaw

Stanton Chase International is one of the world‘s leading retained executive search companies with 73 offices in 46 countries, and more than 350 specialised consultants around the globe. In order to be able to provide its customers with an accurate assessment of the current mood in specific markets and countries, Stanton Chase regularly conducts extensive opinion surveys among top managers in various key countries. The aim of these surveys is the close monitoring and analysis of national and international trends and developments.Read More

Corporate Social Responsibility in Action Program
By Stanton Chase Dubai

Following its successful implementation in 2011 in Dubai, the “CSR in Action” program is implemented again this year, this time focusing on the Northern Emirates of the UAE. Taking place on the 25th of November till the 6th of December 2012, “CSR in Action” will engage 25 Emirati participants, consisting of 10 University students and 15 CSR professionals.Read More

CEO Census 2012 - Finland
By Stanton Chase Helsinki

Stanton Chase Helsinki carried out C-level executive surveys in order to examine the general economic trends and the executive job market. The survey was sent to over 700 executives and responses were received from over 100 C-level executives. The three most important findings of the survey are: cautious optimism, high level of willingness to move jobs, and unwillingness to relocate internationally. Read More

"The New Reality: The Talent War" 2012 Survey and Report - San Francisco
By Stanton Chase San Francisco

Stanton Chase San Francisco’s New Reality report is based on a survey of organizations conducted from October 2011 through February 2012. The report generated from the survey characterizes a North American workplace with shorter job tenures, a multi-generational workforce, and a scarcity of talent. The thesis of the New Reality is that the retirement of Baby Boomers will cause a talent shortage as younger generations are unprepared to fill the jobs left vacant. A consequence of this demographic shift is that employers will face one another in a “War for Talent.” Read More

CEO Survey 2012 - Prague
By Stanton Chase Prague

Stanton Chase Prague has conducted a new survey to know how the top managers in Czech Republic see the current situation on the market, both the economical situation and the atmosphere in the company. More than 1100 General Managers, CEOs and Managing Directors were approached. Read More

Manager Barometer 2012 - Vienna
By Stanton Chase Vienna

The annual Stanton Chase Vienna Manager Barometer provides clients with an overview of the mood among top executives and managers in a wide range of companies across Austria. For this year’s barometer, over 1,500 managers were surveyed about the key issues in the current economic climate. Read More

CEO Survey 2011 - Serbia
By Stanton Chase Belgrade

Stanton Chase Belgrade has conducted a new survey among local and foreign CEOs currently working in Serbia for 2011. This year's survey shifts away from looking at the problems CEOs have been facing and instead looks toward a solution. Read more

CEO Survey 2011 - Bulgaria
By Stanton Chase Sofia

As 2011 came to a close, Stanton Chase Bulgaria conducted its second survey among top managers of large local and international companies from all economic sectors across the country. This year's survey focused on how top executives define their career goals, what motivates and discourages them, and how they adapt to the never-ending need for growth during periods of economic slowdown. Read more

Enter Technology, Exit Bits and Bytes
By Tom Goorman, Managing Partner of Stanton Chase Brussels

Checking your recent forecast via your iPhone’s "app"... Saving your data in the cloud. Reducing your cost of ownership by using business software as a service, monitoring your customer ‘s behavior on social media… More than ever technology has brought tangible advantages to every day business life. The return on technological investment has become more and more visible in the corporate strategy of companies around the globe. This causes CIO’s to move out of the technical comfort zone to a business strategic "twilight" zone. Goals changed, business language changed, innovations lead the way to competitiveness... but how to deal with it? Read more

Women in Leadership Survey: Profile & Mobility Trends of Women Senior Executives in Romania
By Stanton Chase Bucharest

Due to an arising interest on behalf of many of our multinational clients locally and globally concerning the gender diversity issue, Stanton Chase Romania has conducted for the second respective year the “Women in Leadership Survey”. This survey is focusing on female senior executives views in Romania today. Through this survey, we would also focus on compiling the profile and career aspirations of female senior executives in Romania. Read more

Few Specialists are Relevantly Qualified to Meet the Demands of the New Reality
Dobromir Minkov, Principal Consultant of Stanton Chase Bulgaria

Dobromir Minkov, Principal Consultant with Stanton Chase Bulgaria, views the energy sector as a key component in the development of the Bulgarian economy. However, he believes there may be a lack of capable specialists, adequately trained to fit in the new reality, especially in the area of project management. Find out how what Stanton Chase Bulgaria is doing to address the situation and identify human capital needs within this sector. Read more

2010 CEO Census – Top Managers in Bulgaria Identify Local Trends in Business Management in Challenging Times
By Stanton Chase Bulgaria

In 2010, Stanton Chase Bulgaria conducted its first CEO survey among top managers of local and international companies in the country from all economic sectors. We were interested to sum up and outline trends in three major directions we considered important for C-level executives – their priorities during 2010 and prognosis for 2011; their motivational factors and opportunities for professional development; the influence of changed circumstances on decision-making and business expansion. 150 business leaders took part in the survey and nearly half are more positive than negative for the economic situation in the country next year. Read more

2010 CEO Census – Profile and Mobility Trends of C-level Executives in Romania
By Stanton Chase Bucharest

Following a severe financial and market downturn that affected the global economy and also Romania in the end of 2008 and especially during 2009, Stanton Chase Romania conducted this CEO Census survey in order to compile the profile and career aspirations of C-level executives, and especially CEOs, in Romania today. We analyzed the executive trends in this challenging market, that used to have very impressive growth rates and that is expected to turn back to growth during 2011. Read more

2010 CEO Census – Profile and Mobility Trends of Senior Executives in the Middle East

On the break of the new era, characterized by many as "the new normal", while having "survived" through the turmoil of the 2009 deep recession, the Senior Executives in the Middle East begin to develop the balances and requirements that will allow them to further advance their career within this volatile environment. Read more

Romanian Women in Management: Challenges to a Successful Career 2010
By Stanton Chase Bucharest

Why is it that a great majority of management positions in companies all around the world are held by men? Is it harder for a woman to fulfill her career goals? In search of answers to these and some other questions, and with the aim of summarizing what women in management positions in Romania wish to say about their own career challenges, 150 women managers responded to our questions regarding what they think and how they feel. Read more

The New Reality Update: Refocusing Your Talent Strategy in 2010
Survey Findings – White Paper – Stanton Chase and Birkman International

In 2007, we issued a white paper about the New Reality, which characterized the contemporary North American workplace as one with shorter job tenures, changing generational values, a surplus of vacant positions and scarce talent. The thesis of the New Reality was that a large number of Baby Boomers' reaching retirement age in 2010 would cause a talent shortage. Of course, the bigger story for business leaders in 2010 is the impact of the recession and the anticipated recovery, not the New Reality and the War for Talent. Read more

Greek CEO Career Trends Survey 2009
Third Annual CEO Census – Stanton Chase Athens

Within the frames of our initial engagement of forecasting, knowing and being able to present the macro characteristics and tendencies of the market, we are proud to present the thorough analysis of 260 answers given by high-ranking / senior executives, in the dues of 2009, as ‘kissing goodbye’ to a very difficult year and ‘welcoming’ an unexpectedly new professional era. Read more

CEO Survey 2009 - Serbia - Leading in Challenging Times
By Stanton Chase Belgrade

Stanton Chase Belgrade conducted a survey among local and foreign CEOs currently working in Serbia to explore their views about a wide range of issues, especially dealing with different situations CEOs were faced with during the economic downturn. Read the report

Survey: Sustainability Leadership in Global Corporations

Stanton Chase International invites you to share your expertise and insight by participating in a short sustainability survey. The goal of our research is to determine the preferred skill sets and core competencies of today’s Chief Sustainability Officers “CSOs” and compare these findings to the skill sets that CEOs anticipate these positions will require five years from now. We will combine the results of this survey and follow-up interviews of CEOs and Chief Sustainability Officers into a White Paper for global distribution. Read more

Top 10 Steps to a Successful Interview
By Paul K. Herrerias, Managing Director of Stanton Chase San Francisco

In these economic times, every job candidate is asking how they can successfully rise above the resume pile to win that interview. Here are our top ten tips on how to successfully land and compete in an interview. Read more Download Interview to Win - Tips on becoming a more competitive candidate in 2009

The Greek CFO Leadership Shift

Stanton Chase Athens and CFO Agenda conducted a survey to compile a current profile of Greek CFOs, and gain a better understanding of the views and career aspirations of Greek business leaders. Read the report

Salary Benchmarks in the Gulf Cooperative Council

Stanton Chase shares an overview of salary benchmarks for the six countries in the Gulf Cooperative Council (GCC). Data used in this white paper were sourced from surveys published annually by a leading publication, Gulf Business. Download white paper

CEO Survey 2008 - Serbia
By Stanton Chase Belgrade

Stanton Chase Belgrade conducted a survey among local and Expat CEOs currently working in Serbia to explore their views about a wide range of issues, and to find out whether philosophical discrepancies exist between both groups. Read more

Understanding Profile and Mobility Trends of CEOs in the GCC Region

On the break of a new era, currently characterized by the deep economic recession and the constant efforts to establish a new international modus vivendi, the CEO market in the GCC region is witnessing unexpected changes that alter its image and seem to establish a long-delayed balance. The 2009 Stanton Chase CEO Census white paper looks at the profile and mobility trends of CEOs in the Middle East. Panos Manolopoulos, Managing Partner of Stanton Chase Dubai, commented on the CEO market in the GCC region based on the census findings in an interview with Inside Business News. Read the 2009 Stanton Chase CEO Census - Middle East white paper Read the Khaleej Times article, January 18, 2009 Watch the Inside Business News interview as posted on YouTube, February 2, 2009

CIO Search: Canadian Pacific Railway
By Emerson Hughes, Managing Director of Stanton Chase Montreal

With the impending retirement of the incumbent CIO, the Stanton Chase Montreal office was mandated by Canadian Pacific Railway to conduct an executive search assignment for a new CIO. Read More

Get It Right and Keep It Right: Retention Starts With Recruiting
By Emerson Hughes, Managing Director of Stanton Chase Montreal As published in Search-Consult, Issue 34, 2008

Hiring the right employees and retaining key employees are fundamental HR practices. Search firms that truly partner with their clients participate fully in both practices. We have partnered with clients on both fronts for years, long before retention became a hot topic. Now retention is a preoccupation as the war for talent heats up. Read more

Greek CEO Career Trends Survey 2008
Second Annual CEO Census – Stanton Chase Athens

What positioning strategies are Greek CEOs more likely to adopt in a challenging business environment facing steep recession, rising oil prices and fears for economic collapse of the western financial market? Are there any main trends in the Greek CEO market today? Stanton Chase Athens sets out to answer these and many other questions in its second annual survey of Greek CEOs. Read more

Stanton Chase Best Practices for Global Search Success
As published in The Grape Vine, July 2008 issue

Managing Director Nicholas Wylde, of Stanton Chase London, explains why Stanton Chase International is consistently ranked as one of the top ten executive search firms in the world. Read more

Business Implications of the New Reality 2008
Survey Findings – White Paper – Stanton Chase and Birkman International

By the year 2010 there will be 11.5 million more jobs than workers. It’s called the “new reality” and it’s happening now as the baby boomers retire, leaving in their wake a drastically smaller employee pool to fill their jobs. In addition to being in short supply, these individuals lack the boomers’ skills and experience and bring different work ethics, expectations, loyalty and attitudes to the workplace. Read more

Planning for Future Personnel Needs
by Stanton Chase Staff

In business, we rarely have the luxury of time. If something needs to get done, it usually has to get done by yesterday. Nowhere is this truer than when it comes to hiring. Key senior positions take the longest to fill, not only because it takes time to find quality, but because companies themselves often don’t know exactly who they are looking for and why. The more information you have and the earlier you obtain it, the more quickly you can find the right person for your firm. Read more